Enhance Your Business Privacy: Discover Nominee Services for Compliance and Security

Explore our comprehensive nominee service tailored for businesses, designed to provide an extra layer of privacy and compliance. Our nominee service enables you to maintain anonymity while ensuring full legal compliance. With our experienced team managing nominee arrangements, you can trust that your assets are protected and your business affairs are handled with the utmost discretion. Partner with us to safeguard your privacy and maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly.

A Nominee service is a legal way of protecting the identity and anonymity of the company owner. 

The main function of nominee directors or shareholders is to maintain the anonymity of the real owner by taking their place in all public records relating to the company and non-governmental bodies.

Nominee information provided

We will provide you
*Copy of the nominee’s passport
*Proof of address.

Power of attorney for nominee director
(with apostille)

Your company’s rights will be protected under a power of attorney.
This will certify that you have full control of the company and the nominee director only represents you.

Declaration of trust for nominee shareholder

If you appoint a nominee shareholder, you will need to protect your rights to your shares. Issuing a declaration of trust without any loopholes helps you to confirm your full ownership of your shares while the nominee represents you.

Take control of your business privacy today

Partner with us and safeguard your assets with our trusted nominee services
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